Peggy “Lady Bo” Jones: Born 1940 – Deceased 2015

Peggy Jones, aka Lady Bo, grew up in New York City where she attended Manhattan’s High School for the Performing Arts. Initially focusing her studies on opera, tap dance, and ballet, it wasn’t until a run-in with Bo Diddley that her guitar aspirations began to take flight. Diddley quickly recognized the raw talent and potential behind Jones’ playing, and soon after their initial meeting asked her to join his backup band. This relationship blossomed into a beautiful exchange of style and technique, to the point where it became nearly impossible to decipher the difference between Diddley and Jones’ sound. Jones departed from Diddley’s band in 1961, forming her own group, The Jewels, who went on to become one of the most popular touring bands on the East Coast. When Jones eventually reunited with Diddley in 1970, the crowd was so overcome with excitement that they began chanting “Lady Bo,” cementing her beloved nickname and undeniable link to Bo Diddley. Though remembered as a sturdy pillar within Diddley’s legendary career, Jones deserves individual recognition as a forerunner within rhythm and blues music as well as an outstanding innovative female guitarist.

Excerpt from article “Ten of Blues Influential Artists” by Victoria Shaffer on Guitar Girl Magazine

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